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Интервью с Элом Йоргенсеном

Я его ещё больше зауважала. Надо выписать умные мысли:

"John McCain is a fucking Republican lap dog. He used to be pretty vocal about taking his own stance on stuff, but now he just kisses ass to the fucking evangelicals and sits on Bush's lap and sits on Cheney's lap. Not only that, the guy is like 170 years old or something".

"All people go on the Internet for is porn or home shopping. They don't realize the potential to really make it like an anarchy punk-rock threat".

"I'm not against drugs. I'm against addiction, which sucks, because drugs are very addictive".

"I don't even know what industrial is. That's some term that you guys made up. All I know is we made music that made us happy".
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