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Nine Inch Nails – Articles and Interviews [1997]

Nine Inch Nails (Ray Gun Magazine, Февраль, 1997г.)
Reznor Flames Rock Contemporaries (MTV Music Online, Февраль, 1997г.)
Nine Inch Nails Book Coming Soon (All-Star Music, Февраль, 1997г.)
Nine Inch Nails!! (Rolling Stone Magazine, Март, 1997г.)
Chris Vrenna of Nine Inch Nails (Rhythm Magazine, Март, 1997г.)
Trent Reznor Influential Person (Time Magazine, Апрель, 1997г.)
Sneak Peak At Nine Inch Nails: Self Destruct (All-Star Music, Апрель, 1997г.)
Trent To Team With Rick Rubin For NIN Album (MTV Music Online, Апрель, 1997г.)
Nine Inch Nails (MTV Music Online, Апрель, 1997г.)
On The Record (classic rock albums revisited) (Guitar World, Июль, 1997г.)
Trent Reznor Faces Song Theft Accusations (MTV Music Online, Август, 1997г.)
Nine Inch Nails Sued Over Six Songs (All-Star Music, Август, 1997г.)
Trent Reznor's Downward Spiral Into Litigation (, Август, 1997г.)
Nailin' It Down (Entertainment Weekly, Август, 1997г.)
Trent Reznor And David Bowie In The Mix (, Сентябрь, 1997г.)
Prince of Darkness... (Kerrang! Magazine, Сентябрь, 1997г.)
Prayer Focus Artist (Christian Home Life, Сентябрь, 1997г.)
Trent Reznor Finds New Direction, With Help Of Bowie (MTV Music Online, Сентябрь, 1997г.)
King Of Nothing : Inside Trent Reznor's Techno-Industrial Complex (CMJ Magazine, Октябрь, 1997г.)
Reznor Takes Time From NIN Album To Shoot Bowie Video (MTV Music Online, Октябрь, 1997г.)
Trent Reznor & David Bowie (MTV Music Online, Октябрь, 1997г.)
New NIN Video, But No New Manson (MTV Music Online, Ноябрь, 1997г.)
Nine Inch Nails Releases "Closure" (MTV Music Online, Декабрь, 1997г.)
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