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Trent Reznor – Reviews

TWO : Voyeurs (Nothing Records) (Rockpile Magazine, Февраль, 1998г.)
America's Dark Gothic Trent Reznor puts spin on new Bowie. (Guitar Magazine, Февраль, 1998г.)
Victory & Nine Inch Nails (Entertainment Wire, NY, Март, 1998г.)
Closure Video Set (Circus Magazine, Апрель, 1998г.)
Closure (Request Magazine, Апрель, 1998г.)
SPIN Magazine's Top 40 Albums – Nine Inch Nails #4 (SPIN Magazine, Май, 1998г.)
Top 100 Hard Rock Artists of all Time : Trent Reznor #7 (Hit Parader Magazine, Июнь, 1998г.)
Best Soundtrack of all Times (Q Magazine, Август, 1998г.)
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