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Trent Reznor by Walt Cessna

Walt Cessna, Trent Reznor & the band on the set of “March Of The Pigs” video shoot from The Downaward Spiral CD, L.A. 93

Walt Cessna: "I loved working for NIN because Trent was at a point where he was willing to try just about anything- check out that lipstick! Here we’re on set for the video March Of The Pigs and I think thats Danny to the (L) and Robin to the (R)."

Hair & make-up by Heart, styling & polaroid by Walt Cessna L.A. 1993

Trent wearing a t-shirt from The Gap, fishnet top by Kanae & Onyx. Hair & make-up by Heart. Styling Walt Cessna L.A. 93  

Polaroids of Trent Reznor by Walt Cessna L.A. 93

Trent polaroided by Pamela Springsteen 1993


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